The Schweid & Sons Advantage

We hope you enjoyed your free copy of the 2018 Burger Trends Report. With our industry report you’ll be able to view the Burger trends for the past year and optimize your business to outperform the competition in your segment. If you haven’t read this year’s Burger Trends Report, you can download it here.

But knowing the trends is only half the battle. Having a consistent and reliable supplier can make all the difference. At Schweid & Sons we pride ourselves in mastering the art of a single product: ground beef. however, we’ve taken over four generations of experience and transformed ground beef into a premium and highly-customizable item.

Why Only Ground Beef?

At Schweid & Sons we only focus on ground beef. It has been our mission since our founding in 1978 to make the highest quality Hamburgers in the business, and after four decades we continue that mission. Focusing on a single category gives us a unique position as a supplier. Since ground beef is all we do, you know that each and every product is expertly crafted to precise specifications. Our tried and true methods of production have been perfected over four decades of specializing in the ground beef category and four generations of the meat business.

Breadth Of Products

Despite a concentration solely on ground beef, Schweid & Sons has created a breadth of products that includes USDA Prime, Certified Angus Beef® brand, Certified Hereford®, All Natural, Certified Humane, Grass Fed, and more. Our production engineers focus on creating the perfect Burger blends for our customers and often create custom and proprietary blends when asked. Our level of experience has fostered a culture of “Yes, And” wherein we treat our partners like members of our own family, striving to create the perfect Burger that meets their needs.


At Schweid & Sons we offer our customers the ability to order custom products tailored to their specific needs. While all of our products are made to order, customers can elect to specify a custom blend of ground beef instead of opting to purchase from our large catalogue of regularly made products.

Custom orders are considered at 4,000 pounds and higher and may include any cut of beef, lean-to-fat ratio, etc. If you are interested in a custom blend to give your operation a unique edge on the competition, consider speaking with your Schweid & Sons Regional Sales Manager or Broker Representative today.