Burger Trend Reports

How do you create The Very Best Burger?

After four generations of expertise in the meat industry, we know it all starts with high-quality beef and then from there, the sky is the limit. Buns, condiments, veggies, sauces, sizes, preparations, price, and customer service all factor into what makes a successful Burger menu and restaurant. That is why, year after year, we bring you our annual Burger Trends Report.

For 2019, our goal was to gather the intel for you so you can do what you do best—make the Very Best Burger! So, this year, we’ve made it more data-rich than ever before.

We partnered with Technomic, leaders in research and insights in the foodservice industry, to gain access to data from over 9,000 restaurants and 1,600 consumer survey respondents to provide you with a much more robust overview of the restaurant category, consumer’s burger consumption and menu concepts. We share what we believe to be the biggest trends in the industry and included new questions about not only the most popular and growing patty preferences, toppings and sides, but what are the key drivers of consumer liking and purchasing behavior.

Ultimately, this is intended to be a source of inspiration that paves the way for thoughtful creativity and strategic customization. We want to help you stay on top of – and ahead of – trends, by providing you with key insights that will give you a little edge over your competition.

We can’t wait to see—and taste—your delicious creations!

How do you create The Very Best Burger?
Shweid & Sons Burger Trends report