Burger Trend Reports

How do you create The Very Best Burger?

After four generations of expertise in the meat industry, we know it all starts with high-quality beef and then from there, the sky is the limit. Buns, condiments, veggies, sauces, sizes, preparations, price, and customer service all factor into what makes a successful Burger menu and restaurant. That is why, year after year, we bring you our annual Burger Trends Report.

Every year, we publish a Burger Trends report based on syndicated and custom research to provide an in-depth analysis of current trends and insights into the foodservice industry.

We hope you can apply these trends and insights to your menus and continue to bring the comfort of a delicious burger to diners everywhere. We are very proud to compile, analyze and share this snapshot with you.

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How do you create The Very Best Burger?
Shweid & Sons Burger Trends report