To our Schweid & Sons Family,


We at Schweid and Sons take enormous pride in feeding American families and communities. We've thrived because you've placed your trust in us for more than 40 years.

Despite these difficult times, we pledge that we will continue to maintain the finest quality and availability of all products carrying our name.

We feed your families and there is no greater responsibility.

Rest assured that Schweid and Sons is dedicated to supporting our food service partners. And, if you’re eager to find our products on your supermarket shelves, we’re fully committed to meeting your needs. And if your local store is out of stock, let us know and we'll get on it immediately.

As a family business, we pledge to treat each of you as we treat each other: with respect, care and best wishes for good health in the days and months ahead.

Spend this time safely with your loved ones. Do not hesitate to contact us at 201-939-4747 with any questions.



Be well,

Jamie Schweid


Chef’s Choice Patty

Chef’s Choice Patty

  • A loosely filled, knife-cut, rolled patty that is unique in shape and tenderness
  • It creates a very tender bite as well as a quicker cook time
  • A handmade approach to today’s Burger
Classic Patty

Classic Patty

  • The vintage fill system for forming ground beef patties
  • Provides a more even cooking surface due to uniform forming process, resulting in a firm, almost steak-like bite
  • An ideal choice for chargrill or broiling
Tender-Form® Patty

Tender-Form® Patty

  • Patented process for patties that weaves the meat together
  • This recreates a type of patty that is tenderized by handforming
  • Tender-Form® Burgers shrink less and cook more evenly
Bulk Loaf

Bulk Loaf

  • Our unique process allows air to flow through the meat for better handling and improved mouth feel
  • Designed for people who want to handform their own patties or use in any recipe calling for ground beef