Tailor Offerings to Evolving Taste Trends

    Don’t Fall into Burger Boredom

Change it up from the traditional lettuce, tomato and onion for toppings and if you have a more Burger-savvy clientele, consider more than one Burger blend on your menu. Click here to see all the offerings we have in foodservice.

    Burger Trends Report

Every year, we publish a Burger Trends report based on syndicated and custom research to provide an in-depth analysis of current trends and insights into the foodservice industry. We hope you can apply these trends and insights to your menus and continue to bring the comfort of a delicious burger to diners everywhere. We are very proud to compile, analyze and share this snapshot with you. Click here to access our data-rich report.

    Take Out Solutions

Incent diners to choose takeout and reward them for orders of two entrees or more. Create “themed meal nights” and build a takeout counter. Invest in new packaging that travels well and lets the diner enjoy their Burger at the peak of deliciousness from the comfort of their own home.

    Make at Home Solutions

Supply customers with a to-go bag filled with your ready-to-cook ingredients (or already-cooked Burgers with toppings and sides) and a recipe they can follow to make the meal themselves. Or, we can create some recipes for you! We recommend fresh wherever possible but if you go with Frozen try our Flavor Savor Burger for a make-at-home solution.

    Smashing/Stacking Burgers for profits

We offer pucks that are portion controlled, saves labor & time, increase shelf life. Click here to view all the ways stacking and smashing your Burgers can increase your profits.

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