How To Use Social Media Effectively

Social Media is a key factor when promoting any restaurant. When your specialty is Burgers, you’ll be flush with content that is guaranteed to amaze.

But how do Likes, Comments, and Shares translate into business? That’s a great question, and one that isn’t easy to answer. First and foremost let’s address why you need social media, then we’ll dive into the added benefits.

Let Customers Know Who Your Are And What You Offer

Facebook and other social media channels are great places to showcase your menu, display your hours of operation, and provide a feedback portal for customers to engage with your restaurant. Maintaining these things shows prospective customers that you are serious about serving them an experience they won’t soon forget. The more info you share, the more they’re likely to remember you.

Social Media Butterflies Love Photos & Videos

When trying to engage with the social media community, it’s important to full understand the chief demographics on each channel. For example, most users overall tend to prefer photo of video content over plain text. Photos and videos of your delicious Burgers will always outperform any other post you can think of. This is especially true on platforms like Instagram, which highlights photo and video content and primarily caters to the millennial group.

Posting Something Unique Encourages Sharing

Posting beautiful photos and videos of your Burgers will encourage organic sharing. Couple that with some well-used hashtags and you could be well on your way to building an engaged following. Remember, it’s not necessarily the number of followers that’s important. It’s the number of consistently engaged followers that translates into customers.

How Schweid & Sons Can Help

As a member of the Schweid & Sons family, you are already a beneficiary of our social media marketing strategy. At Schweid & Sons, we like to showcase our partners above all else. That means photos of Burgers from our food service partners around the country get priority on our social channels. To ensure we consistently share photos of some of your amazing Burgers, make sure to send our marketing team photos on a regular basis or tag us (@schweidandsons) when you post. We’ll repost your content to our dedicated following to increase your brand’s awareness.